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NCR Voyix Interactive

Bringing flexibility and choice to self‑service

What is NCR Voyix Interactive?

NCR Voyix Interactive is next-generation, cloud-based software for Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) that gives your users flexibility and choice in how they transact with you. It allows you to extend services beyond the branch, enabling enhanced self-service capabilities through a core-integrated ATM and on-demand assistance to engage your staff during a transaction when needed.

Cloud-based technology
  • Reduce technology complexity, debt and costs
  • Eliminate hardware server investment
  • Stay current with software-as-a-service updates and management
  • Gain high availability and disaster recovery
Enhanced self-service
  • Expand self-service capabilities on full-function ATMs
  • Reduce ATM switch dependencies and fees with full core integration
  • Move transactions from the teller line to self-service
  • Redeploy staff as needed in the branch to offer more consultancy
Assistance on demand
  • Integrate video capabilities with the call center
  • Fully customize the teller and end-user interface
  • Eliminate on-premises servers improving call routing and queing
Call center integration
  • Simplify and streamline systems across transactions with shared services
  • Gain efficiency by better utilizing staff

Key benefits

Extended reach

Broaden brand and market reach without brick-and-mortar capital investments.

Increased service hours

Extend service hours with remote tellers and 24/7 self-service core-based transactions.

Expanded relationships

Attract new clients by offering more choice in how and when they bank.

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