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Launch Kit

Ideal for single-location restaurants who are eager to get started with 1-2 terminals.





Refers to hardware costs*

  • Cloud-based POS terminal
  • Includes core hardware to get you up and running
 +  Additional devices and add-ons available

Custom Kit

For all restaurants who want tech tailored to their brand and scalable to multiple locations.


Custom Pricing

Solutions composed of best fit features, including but not limited to:

 +  Online ordering and delivery
 +  Advanced reporting and business intelligence
 +  Handheld POS and contactless payments
 +  Labor and inventory management
 +  Kitchen production
 +  Additional devices and add-ons available

Frequently asked questions

Does NCR Voyix have cloud-based restaurant POS systems?

Yes, NCR Voyix has multiple solutions that are cloud-based, including Aloha Cloud by NCR Voyix. For restaurants that prefer all the benefits and functionality of the cloud with true redundancy onsite in their restaurant point-of-sale system, we also have Aloha Essentials by NCR Voyix solution.

What upfront costs should you expect with NCR Voyix?

With our subscription program, your upfront costs only include your implementation, which can vary depending on your specific needs.  All other costs – hardware, software and payment processing – are available as a monthly subscription.

Does NCR Voyix offer credit card processing?

Yes. NCR Voyix Payments includes everything your restaurant needs to enable your customers to pay how they want, securely. Enjoy peace of mind with next day merchant funding, simple pricing, point-to-point encryption and one support number to call. Learn more here.

Does Aloha Cloud have a handheld device for restaurants?

Yes. The handheld features the same UI as the fixed terminal, making it simple to learn and easy to use. The device also boasts an 8-10 hour battery life and is one of the smallest on the market. Learn more about our hardware add ons and bundles here.

What is the cost for customer care and support?

Support and customer care – for both your software and hardware – is included in every subscription so that you always have access to industry experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also provide a management app you can use to reach out to support if any issues arise.

What is the difference between Aloha Essentials and Aloha Cloud?

We offer POS and management solutions for restaurants of all sizes, concepts and operations. Aloha Cloud is a cloud- and Android-based point-of-sale that is well suited for independent restaurants and emerging chains with less complex operations. Aloha Essentials, which includes Aloha POS, a Windows-based point-of-sale, is a feature-rich solution for concepts with more robust needs. Both solutions are available as a monthly subscription that includes all your software, hardware, services and payments.

What training is available for staff and restaurant management?

We provide multiple options and channels for training your staff based upon your needs, including in-person and online training and a self-serve knowledge base.

Is any warranty included with your hardware?

We provide multiple options and channels for training your staff based upon your needs, including in-person and online training and a self-serve knowledge base.

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