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Sales & Service

Call: 1-800-225-5627 US

Outside the U.S.: 1-937-445-1936

Restaurant Sales: 888-253-6961

Retail Sales (New Sales Only): 1-844-240-7256

Government Sales: [email protected]

Service: 1-800-CALL-NCR


NCR Silver or Aloha Cloud Support: 877‑270‑3475

NCR Aloha Support for Small Business:

West Region: 844‑263‑0298

North Region: 844‑263‑0147

Southeast Region: 844‑249‑9602

Customer Support for Retail Products:

General Retail (Power Warehouse, Counterpoint) software support: 1‑800‑533‑2277

Retail POS (RPOS terminals) software support: 1‑800‑CALL‑NCR

Customer Support for Financial Products:

ATM & ITM Software Support: 1‑800‑262‑7782

Customer Support for Stadium and Venue Products:

Venue Support Team: 1‑800‑454‑8444

Customer Support for Payment Processing:

Payment processing:
[email protected]

Government & Utilities:
[email protected]

Financial Institutions - Partners:
[email protected]

TruRating or Survey information:
[email protected]

Other Contacts

Incident Status Lookup: Click Here
Careers: Click Here
Become a Supplier: Click Here
Investors: 1‑678‑808‑6995
Media: [email protected]

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