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NCR Voyix Channel Services

Connect and extend the branch

Break free from channel silos and experience seamless in-person, remote and digital transaction services.

Breaking down barriers

One platform

Our platform features a robust API library with 70+ pre-built integrations to accelerate time to market while enabling client partners to experience an average of 18-35% in sales conversion boost across their products.

Transform your technology

Our open, extensible platform replaces aging applications, enabling you to quickly add and extend services to meet evolving needs.

  • API and microservices framework supports shared services for seamless connectivity across channels and modes
  • Shared UI/UX development and design resources enable consistency across digital and physical channels
  • Cloud-first architecture brings improved performance, reliability and scalability

Reinvent customer service

A more intuitive and responsive UI enables faster service delivery and cross-channel support.

  • Streamlined and consistent navigation that supports full-service, assisted and self-service options, including digital banking, call center, remote teller via ITMs, enhanced ATM services and in-branch teller (including prestage services)
  • Joining physical and digital touch points allows staff to engage with users in a multimodal capacity, whether remotely via video on an ITM or in person at the branch

Optimize efficiencies

Our cloud-enabled digital capabilities help drive automation and reduce the need for infrastructure investments.

  • Faster transaction times allow staff to focus on higher-value connections  
  • Full-service branch operating expenses decrease

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