A robust POS system is the key to convenience, empowerment and growth - Offer your customers the convenience they crave with a robust POS system

A robust retail POS system will give you the end-to-end management capability you need, plus the service level, convenience and overall experience your customers expect.


A robust POS system is the key to convenience, empowerment and growth - Offer your customers the convenience they crave with a robust POS system


Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March 2020, 34% of consumers cite "convenience" as their main reason for trying a new brand. If you own a convenience store, now’s the time to evaluate your current point-of-sale (POS) solution and ask yourself if it offers the convenience that your customers crave, post-pandemic. Here are some of the ways a robust POS system can maximize your customer experience and streamline every aspect of your store, post-pandemic. Here are some of the ways a robust POS system can maximize your customer experience and streamline every aspect of your store.

Level up your success: Delivering convenience with the right point-of-sale system

Customer experience has become more important than ever, and 75% of all consumers have now changed the way they shop. The right POS system can handle inventory management while also providing a robust CRM solution. This will allow you to predict the supply chain and manage inventory control so that your shelves are always well-stocked and organized.

It can also help onboard new employees

Hiring new employees can be tricky. Everyone is trying to keep overhead costs down, but retailers don't want to miss out on building that human connection with their customers. Here’s another area where the right POS system can help. Its ability to access past ordering patterns, new changes in supply chains and even cloud-based training videos allows new hires to jump seamlessly into the flow of things. One of the new features of an RPOS is an age-verification tool. It allows customers to ID directly from the system so you can protect your employees and your convenience store.

A strong POS system makes it easy to set up and manage rewards programs

Customer loyalty is one of the most powerful engines for driving sales. During the pandemic, 36% of customers switched to a new brand, and 73% decided to stick with that switch. Innovative POS software allows you to set up rewards programs effortlessly and give new customers incentives to gas up at your convenience store – instead of the one closest to them. Rewards programs also maintain brand equity with your existing customers, letting them know that you value their continued patronage by rewarding them for their loyalty.

Managing your whole store seamlessly is easy with technology that integrates everything

From fueling up to in-store merchandise and food service, your convenience store should provide a customer experience that’s frictionless from start to finish. Your customers expect the speed and reliability that only a great POS system can facilitate. When a customer drives up to your store, they’re already mapping out how they’re going to get in and out as quickly as possible. Any point of friction they encounter along the way could cost you a sale and their repeat business.

With a powerful POS system, you can run the pump, retail store and kitchen hassle-free with just a few clicks of a button. Equipping your convenience store with a robust POS system makes it easy to add new innovations as the market demands, offer new experiences and transform your store from end to end. Let your POS system keep you on track knowing that your transactions are secure, your devices are integrated and you’re staying compliant all the time.

Use POS to unlock better ways to pay

If your convenience store doesn't have the tools or the space to include a self-checkout kiosk, you should prioritize creating an effortless shopping experience. Customers who walk into your convenience store and find that there’s a long line at the cash register may turn around and leave as quickly as they came. This is where a capable POS payment software can help by enabling contactless payment options that keep the lines moving and reserve time more time for that one-on-one experience with your customer.

Go mobile when possible

The ways we interact in stores have changed forever. Your customers now want the ability to  to remain physically distant while shopping. There’s been about a 15-30% growth in online shopping over the past year. Even long after the pandemic is gone, customers may still appreciate having the choice to physically distance. You can give them the option to "opt-out" of a face-to-face interaction or reduce contact with high-touch surfaces by allowing them to check out on their mobile devices. By choosing to use a robust POS system, you can continue to provide unlimited ways to develop cashier-free technology. A high-functioning POS system even makes it easier for tech-savvy customers to collaborate with third-party delivery apps.

How to tie it all together with a robust retail POS for convenience stores

Now that you’ve explored all the ways you can rev up your convenience store using a strong POS system, it's time to put your knowledge to use. With the right provider, you can easily integrate a game-changing retail POS software into your operation and improve your entire business, connecting every aspect of it in one place, including:

  • More ways to pay at the pump
  • More in-store checkout options
  • Increase secure payment and cashflow
  • Keep your shelves stocked and organized
  • Simplify employee onboarding
  • Make age verification fast and friction-free
  • Improve market predictions with CRM
  • Drive customer loyalty with great rewards programs
  • Make regulation compliance easy and continuous
  • Connect the entire store, end to end

If it seems overwhelming to do it all on your own, don’t worry. You can have a powerful POS system installed, maintained and operated for you by a site manager — both software and hardware. This lets you focus on giving your customers exceptional service. Just think of all the ways you can improve customer relationships at your convenience store knowing the technical aspects are all taken care of. After the year you’ve had, you deserve to treat yourself to a little human interaction — and your customers do, too.