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Invest in data for better business results

Unlock insight into your business to better serve your customers.

Take advantage of your customers’ digital footprint

Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), featuring a streamlined, cloud-native data pipeline to reduce processing time and transmission failures, with cloud-native monitoring and alert capabilities and scaling and resource management provided out of the box by Google.


Analytics platform that gives retailers meaningful, near real-time insights to improve efficiency and decision-making.

Predictive insights

Predictive insights around loss prevention help your business run smoothly.

Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Cloud-based analytics and reporting
Near real-time analysis and reports
Seamless integration
Configurable alerts via email
Data visualization
Custom metric creation
Self-serve and customization
Mobile readiness

NCR Voyix Analytics Self-Checkout package

System health

  • Platform health monitoring
  • Stability
  • Device/software errors
  • Real-time SCO availability*

Usage and experience

  • Shopper experience analysis
  • Abandoned transactions analysis
  • Hard-to-add items*


  • SCO occupancy dashboard
  • Capacity compatibility with traffic

Cash management

  • Cash servicing dashboard
  • Cash device usage dashboard
  • Cash activity by transaction view
  • Real-time cash balance view*


  • Interventions impact analysis by category
  • Interventions impact store comparisons
  • Interventions response and clearance attendant analysis
  • Unknown items/weight mismatch view

Performance and benchmarking

  • SCO occupancy dashboard
  • Store ranks and benchmarking
  • Cash estate dashboard - metrics vs targets
  • Prescriptive recommendations for low performing stores
*Features available shortly to next-generation checkout customers

Why make the switch?

Need to support new ways to shop
High labor costs and low labor availability
Stretched resources and lower productivity
Ongoing hits to profitability
More choice at checkout
Empowered staff who are more productive
Automation that supports resource flexibility and business growth
Lower stock loss and higher margins enabled by smart technology

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