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Aloha Cloud Customer engagement & Loyalty

Attract, retain and grow your customer base.

Restaurant email marketing and loyalty capabilities to engage your guests, drive repeat visits and increase your sales.

Easily build relationships with your guests

  • Keep in constant contact with your customers and promote new offers through email marketing.
  • Encourage repeat visits by using discount code and promotions in your emails.
  • Easily enroll your customers in a loyalty program and track their sales by the customer record.
  • Gather feedback about your restaurant using surveys printed at the bottom of your receipts.

Solution features

See the impacts of consumer marketing on your restaurant.

Market to Customers

Create custom messages letting your customers know about upcoming events and special menu offers.

Welcome Email

Send out automated messages welcoming new customers as soon as their email address is added to your database.

"Miss You" Emails

Send custom messages to customers who haven’t visited your restaurant recently.

Social Sharing

Provide links to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms in your emails.

Customer Receipts

Send custom receipts for customers through email messages.

Email Tips & Tools

Create and track the effectiveness of your email campaigns with templates, an email designer, social sharing links and more.

Punch Program

Customers accumulate rewards with visit to your restaurant.

Points Program

Customers gain points based on each dollar spent in your restaurant.

Loyalty Tracking

Track earned and redeemed rewards and view your guests’ loyalty status in your store or on the go.


Aloha empowers you with data to help you create and deliver unified guest experiences

The NCR Voyix Consumer Marketing Platform enables you to create and deliver unified guest experiences that matter, enriched with and continuously informed by data.

Experience means everything

NCR Voyix powers over 6 million digital orders per week.

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