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Enhance your restaurant's brand experience with innovative digital signage

Connect with guests and drive a differentiated brand experience by delivering engaging menus and compelling offers through digital signage.

It’s more than just menu boards—it’s a digital canvas for your brand

NCR Voyix Digital Signage enables restaurant operators to drive a differentiated brand experience and better connect with their guests through dynamic, engaging content delivered via state-of-the-art displays. This is accomplished through a combination of hardware, software, and services that drives a complete seamless digital guest experience resulting in faster service times and increased margins.

With NCR Voyix by your side, you can do anything

Our partnership combines NCR Voyix’s best-in-class restaurant tech, installations, and field service with the Stratacache full scope of innovative digital signage and customer experience solutions. With us
by your side we can:

Drive revenue decisions

Engage guests and digitally influence them to drive higher average tickets.

Accommodate changing menus

Create and deploy menu changes quickly, inside and outside the restaurant, whether it’s to one site or across the enterprise.

Provide a complete digital guest experience

Reduce the strain on your staff and improve speed-of-service and order accuracy for your guests.

Drive a unique brand experience

‍Provide engaging content through multi-media displayed on digital signage.

Why Digital Signage with NCR Voyix?

Media player

Industry-hardened media players designed for performance, stability and compatibility to support a wide range of application and performance needs.

Indoor displays

Commercial grade displays that offer crisp and clear 4K playback while running 24/7 without interruption – perfect for displaying digital content within the restaurant.

Shelf-edge display

Eliminate confusion and clutter from the order pickup area with innovative, dynamically updating displays that ensure the right guest gets the right order.

Order status displays

Deliver a seamless guest experience with one-to-one personalization to ensure a secure, seamless pickup.

Drive-thru displays

Designed to handle any weather condition and deliver​ maximum visibility, the outdoor display’s integrated hardware and software provides remote monitoring and control 24/7​.

Order confirmation

Drives higher operator profits not only by displaying orders in real-time for guests to verify all items were entered correctly, but also intelligently suggesting higher-margin items to accompany the order.

Content management

Confidently manage content across your entire enterprise with intuitive scheduling capabilities and comprehensive asset and device management​.

Suggestive selling

Leverages customer data obtained from prior in-store visits, mobile orders, or loyalty programs to drive a consistent, personalized experience across all digital touch points - digital menu boards, kiosks, and mobile applications – to influence guest purchase behaviors.


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