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Drive efficiency and maximize the capacity of your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant operations and needs to run at lightning speed to ensure your guest order are delivered accurately and timely. We can provide efficient kitchen management solutions to power your workflow.

Driving kitchen efficiency

  • Quick and accurate routing of orders to multiple stations
  • Accurate quote times for both on- and off-premise orders, including mobile and online
  • Recipes and training for consistent food production
  • Digital make line and expo station for seeing critical items, checking every item added to the bag and easy order-to-order navigation
  • Ability to print and add total number of bags in an order directly on the label
  • Detailed kitchen receipt with guest name, rewards member status, order number and more

Providing convenience for everyone

  • Stats on order volume, order times, production status and staff levels available on your phone
  • Color coding and icons to easily identify takeout, curbside and delivery orders
  • Forecasting capabilities to consolidate bulk prep and production items
  • Integration of digital channel orders without impacting prep and production
  • Status notifications for delivery drivers and guests promoted on front-of-house digital signage

Key benefits

Improve guest experience

Easily 86 an item that's sold out or out-of-stock directly from the kitchen, and it's automatically updated across your ordering channels for menu accuracy.

Reduce waste

Your kitchen staff can easily see the day's forecast of prep items needed to get started by using forecasts based on the past four weeks of your sales data.

Improve kitchen productivity

Aloha Cloud automatically updates your software so that you are provided the newest features and repairs in a timely fashion. Updates are prompted, allowing you to decide a convenient time to take them, and require no onsite support to perform.

Complete orders timely

Easily indicate order status with color codes, and display staff suggested times to start or drop items with cook times at each station.

Focus on your food and guests, not your technology


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Restaurants worldwide use our kitchen technology

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Of restaurant industry expertise, features and functionality

Built by industry experts

Our restaurant POS solutions are built by industry experts to help increase guest engagement, speed and efficiency.

Aloha Cloud

Ideal for restaurants looking for a simple cloud-based solution.

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Aloha Essentials

Ideal for restaurants that need more robust capabilities for off-premise and restaurant management.

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Point of Sale
Customer Care & Onboarding Support
Payment Processing + EMV
Basic Loyalty
Restaurant Grade Hardware
Email MarketingOptional add-on
Online OrderingOptional add-on
Contactless Order & Payments via QR CodeOptional add-on
Advanced Reporting & Business IntelligenceOptional add-on
Gift CardsOptional add-on
Advanced Loyalty and MarketingOptional add-onOptional add-on
KitchenOptional add-onOptional add-on
Digital SignageOptional add-onOptional add-on
PayrollOptional add-onOptional add-on
Labor and Inventory ManagementOptional add-onOptional add-on

Hardware options

KC5 Kitchen Controller

The KC5, the latest generation of NCR Kitchen Controllers, is rugged, faster, more energy efficient, and provides greater connectivity to other kitchen peripherals. The NCR KC5 Kitchen Controller is built with a fully brushed aluminum enclosure, preventing typical kitchen contaminants from entering the housing and making the KC5 easy to clean. The KC5 can be mounted on a wall, on a radial arm, or from the ceiling either by itself or in conjunction with other hardware and mount.

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KT2200 Kitchen Touch Display

The highly-visible NCR KT2200 Kitchen Touch Display is a large, LED back-lit LCD touch screen purpose-built for restaurant kitchen environments. The display features a tough, full-HD glass screen with PCAP touch technology and is fully-enclosed in stainless steel that is resistant to typical kitchen contaminants. Measuring 12.5 x 21.5 inches (but only 1.85 inches wide at its largest point) and with flexible mounting options for any kitchen, the NCR KT2200 enables staff to easily see multiple orders in progress as well as take action on them, increasing both accuracy and efficiency.

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NCR Bump Bar

Used to interact with the NCR Voyix KC4 Kitchen Controller, the NCR Voyix Bump Bar enables kitchen staff to easily “bump” or delete orders from the production queue. It features robust, programmable number keys as well as a volume-adjustable speaker that allows for alerts and key presses to be heard in noisy environments. The NCR Voyix Bump Bar is built to withstand heavy use, with a rugged aluminum enclosure and rubber end caps that fully protect the bar from the harshest of kitchen environments.

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From our customers

"Restaurants with the ‘complete digital ecosystem’ are now able to churn out two to three off-premise orders a minute, compared to just one order per minute previously"

- Chief Restaurant Officer, National Fast Casual Brand

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Learn how your restaurant tech can work for you

Having an efficient kitchen operation that can deliver orders accurately and timely is the only way to compete. And this is where we help you shine. With NCR Voyix Aloha, every order is routed into the kitchen in the same operational flow, no matter where it was placed, or how customized it is.

Accelerate all things digital

Business challenge

Reduce in-store disruption from the production of digital orders.


Implemented digital make line utilizing our kitchen technology in the back of house.

  • Increased production capabilities and speed of service
  • Reduced wait times for mobile orders by over 60%
  • Enabled staff to build menu items faster with over 99% accuracy
  • Enabled sales growth of over $1 million in digital sales per store

Don't let off-prem throw your kitchen off track

Thinking of partnering with a third-party delivery service? If you don’t have the right restaurant technology in place, the volume of off-premise orders could choke up your kitchen and that could result in slow service, inaccurate orders, poor guest reviews and more. But when you have a flexible, integrated restaurant POS system with a robust kitchen operations management system — the difference is like night and day. Check it out!

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