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Pulse Real-Time

Run your restaurant from anywhere using the mobile app loved by GMs across the industry. Using your Android or Apple device, you can pull up the app to track and monitor everything in your business, from up-to-the-minute sales information to notification alerts sent when issues require your attention.


Access over 300+ reports on your sales, menu and labor performance or customize your own. With the ability to export reports for well-known accounting and payroll packages, Insight gives you the flexibility you need to streamline your operations.

Console Advanced Reporting

Gain insights into your business and identify trends with easy-to-use graphical dashboards. This cloud based advanced reporting tool lets you leverage historical data and automate sales forecasting so you can save time and improve your bottom line.

Experience means everything

Over 100,000 restaurants around the world trust NCR Voyix to help run their businesses.


NCR Voyix is the #1 restaurant POS provider in the world


18M consumer endpoints serviced by NCR Voyx globally

30+ years

Over 30 years of restaurant industry expertise, features and functionality

Resources that keep your tables turning

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