Mach 1

In order to stay ahead of the competition and continue to serve its customers’ changing needs, the family-owned and operated convenience store chain, Mach 1, wanted to improve speed of service. They decided to create a fast self-service checkout option in their stores to address this need. NCR Voyix helped to turn this goal into a reality.

Mach 1

WHAT THEY NEEDED - A seamless self-service experience designed for convenience stores

In order to stay ahead of the competition and simplify their customer experience, Mach 1 needed a strong self-service solution that could handle fuel integration, make transactions more efficient for customers, and integrate with the company’s existing technology. They also needed a plan to train employees quickly and effortlessly.

We are in the convenience industry, and it is all about speed of service. People like using self-service checkout because they want to get in and get out. I think self-service checkout - the way NCR VOYIX has it - is the most important payment solution in the c-store industry today.
– Mach 1

WHAT WE DELIVERED - A future-proof self-service checkout solution and integration plan

NCR Voyix assessed Mach 1’s systems and goals and created a roadmap for implementing a robust self-service checkout solution and Pulse. Then the team installed the self-service machines and helped bring the staff up to speed around operation.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT - Better store performance overall

Self-service checkout now processes about 50% of Mach 1’s transactions (excluding pay-at-the-pump purchases). With one dedicated employee manning the self-checkout area, labor is being utilized more efficiently toward other high-priority tasks like stocking, inventory and cleaning. Their new self-service checkout experience was a major draw among customers during the pandemic, when social distancing was necessary. Customers also report the shopping experience is much more relaxed with the addition of self-service checkout options.