NCR helps retailers create touchless self-checkout

Safe shopping means more space and less contact. NCR has everything you need for creating the touchless self-checkout, without needing new technology.

NCR helps retailers create touchless self-checkout

Retailers are facing incredible challenges during this unprecedented time. Consumers are looking for shopping options that offer reduced contact (and during the pandemic, 87% of them say they still prefer to shop in store with self-checkout options), while retailers are revamping their store operations to provide a safe and efficient shopping experience that also:

  • Minimizes or eliminates the need for customers and employees to touch self-checkout touchscreens and payment terminals
  • Minimizes interactions between shoppers and self-checkout attendants
  • Supports physical distancing mandates and guidelines for that region

Consequently, more retailers are considering more ‘’touchless” in-store shopping and checkout technology. And some are looking into more radical, costly and time-consuming changes in their approach to serving customers, like using grab-and-go technologies.

But we believe the quickest, least costly route for retailers moving to a more “touchless” in-store model is to use the self-checkout assets they already have—and transform them by implementing relatively minor changes in the user flow. It’s a fast and simple way to minimize the need to touch self-checkout screens and payment terminals.

 3 ways NCR is helping customers make touchless shopping a reality in their stores:

1. Using existing self-checkout software capabilities to keep users from touching screens and terminals. Examples include:

  • Encouraging shoppers to scan the first item to start the transaction instead of touching the ‘start’ button to begin
  • Recommending they insert cash into the self-checkout's note and coin slots instead of touching the ‘pay’ button and then the ‘cash’ button to make a cash payment
  • Reconfiguring the self-checkout software to allow electronic payment entry to start when a shopper inserts their debit or credit card into the payment terminal, rather than touching the “credit card” payment button on the self-checkout screen.

2. Emphasizing mobile wallets and mobile payments.This can include the retailer’s mobile payment solution or NFC-based payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay or WeChat Pay, configured for self-checkout.

3. Recommending attendants use barcodes to clear and approve interventions in the self-checkout lane so they don’t have to touch the screens. Use NCR FastLane Remote Attendant Program (otherwise known as RAP) technology to enable attendant remote approval of self-checkout interventions, where applicable.

Our goal is to help retailers accelerate the move to touchless self-checkouts where customers can scan their items, bag them and pay via their mobile phone—never having to touch the screen.

For a broader review of operational and technical adjustments to consider for touchless self-checkout optimization, contact NCR or your NCR Account Executive to set up a review of your self-checkout operations.

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