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Self-Ordering Kiosks

Transform your in-store experience to drive speed and guest satisfaction

Powered by GRUBBRR®, our kiosks act as a digital crew member that never calls out sick, asks to swap shifts or forgets to prompt for that automatic upsell.

Generate more revenue

Guests can customize their orders easily and quickly with enhanced, image-based ordering.

  • Drive higher revenue per item with craveable, image-based modifiers
  • Increase average ticket sizes by 12% - 22% on average
  • Highlight higher-margin items with customized, automated upsells

Reduce your expenses

With margins thin, kiosks help you streamline operations and take cost out of the business.

  • Eliminate labor expenses of $6,000 or more per month on average
  • Reduce incorrect orders and wasted food with your guests in control
  • Free up employees from taking orders and re-focus them on other value-add tasks such as delivery services

Drive a great guest experience

With Aloha Kiosk, guests will be able to have a faster, more convenient level of service – with their food prepared just as they like it.

  • Put control of the order in the hands of the guest and keep order-entry mistakes low and satisfaction high
  • Provide an engaging, curated order journey for guests with captivating screen flows leading them through item selection, order placement and payment
  • Enable groups to split orders and payments, improving speed-of-service and line throughput

Key features

Enhanced menu reporting

Image-based ordering with modifier code support provides guests with clear visuals of what they’ll get with their order

Connected kitchen

Aloha Kiosk maps to existing kitchen routing flows, so it’s easy to place the kiosk into existing restaurant operations

Robust reporting

Kiosk orders are easily tracked within your established reports as just another ordering channel

Resources that keep your tables turning

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