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Give your guests the fastest payment experience they’ve ever had

Powered by sunday, guests using Aloha Pay-at-Table by NCR Voyix can split and pay their checks, add customized tips and rate their service – all just by scanning a QR code at the table.

Improve your operations

Aloha Pay-at-Table dramatically improves operations for all restaurant team members, from your servers to accounting.

  • Enable your guests to use Apple Pay or Google Pay without the increase in processing fees
  • Understand your business better with real-time data on guests’ habits and server performance
  • Save managers up to 30 minutes at the end of every shift with fast end-of-day reconciliation

Motivate and retain your team

Aloha Pay-at-Table provides the incentives and efficiency gains needed by staff to deliver more personalized service.

  • Drive a 10% higher tipping rate on average with precalculated tip suggestions
  • Save up to 15 minutes per table, allowing your staff to serve more tables during their shifts
  • Reduce the time servers spend running back and forth with credit cards

Attract and engage your guests

  • After paying, one tap enables guests to leave a review and post it on Google, helping you monitor your reputation and attract more guests.
  • Increase your positive reviews – on average, restaurants see 5x the number of 5-star Google reviews after implementing Aloha Pay-at-Table, powered by sunday
  • Improve guest satisfaction with 50% more feedback received through Google reviews

Key features

Split Checks

Guests can quickly divide the check by item, seat, or number of people at the table.

Tip Options

Pre-defined percentage options are provided for tips, including indicators for the most popular percentage. Guests can also add their own custom tip.

Flexible Payments

In addition to credit cards, guests can use their mobile wallets including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

No Separate App Needed

Guests won’t need to download any apps to pay their check.

Actionable Dashboards

With real-time data on your guests, you can more easily drive improvements in your performance and your service levels.

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